$SPY MARKETS FKN LOVE IT! Judging the way the Chinese delegation Punked off BLINKEN & his crew… I am sure Biden really put XI IN CHECK.. 😂😂😂. That’s a joke.. we know how convo went! We know China owns Biden.. Look at the events in China… they banned any images of effeminate men✔️. If you come out as a trans or anything similar in China- that’s it! You are never seen again! Fact! Here, in the USA, our president allows men, who are now ( trying to change their bodies into something they’ll never be) the rights to compete against real woman.. depriving these real woman who are really competing against men. China sees all this- and you think Biden didn’t suck up to XI? Xi sees all this as weakness! Just look at their moves… But, hey, the markets like it … I’m sure communist China likes what they are seeing in our country.. they finally see a opening due to the weakest president ever… Make that money now.., because of these radicals get their real agenda through! Down we go!