$DNA since the short report. Look where you are at the close of the week. $9 soon The buyers and hft algos gave you a chance to average down aggressively and get out. For those who didn’t have a position the morning or the short report are already out on the liquidity bump after it was short sale restricted. Institutions will be dumping this slowly pushing all you idiots underwater. Just because ark rebalances their etf daily doesn’t mean you have a bull thesis here. I read the entire 175 page report. This is the biggest related party fraud of potentially all time. You better be hedge because this is just the beginning. The shorts have not covered and are slowly gaining more and more of a position indicated clearly by the chart. Go look at bli. The dead cat bounce gave you only one day to get out 1 day. It’s now broken below its low and continues to bleed. By their next earnings report institutions will completely dump their stack.