$TEVA I'll say it again just like I've stated for the past 5 years... It doesn't matter what headline hits the tape here...TEVA is a technically broken stock... Until the fateful day it closes over 13.36 it's dead money... Even with a global settlement and approximately 15 bil less in debt over the past 5 years it still can barely maintain 9.50 area for any extended period of time... Wall St hates this co regardless of what they do...And the short thesis always seems to work and magically play out no matter how excited the Bulltards get here... How can you be taken soaky times yet still believe this pos will actually gain traction.. Its like Bulls here are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome... Keep talking about 20, 25, 30, 35,40 PTs... You'd be lucky if you ever saw 15 again at this rate... it was always said that when Kare achieves a GS the stock would take off... Yea.. some take off...to bad we had to revisit near ATLs in order to get this big massive boost... So A typical of TEVA.