$PLM and back to 0.38 (3.80 for newbies) we go. To generate the same amount (+/- 10%) of copper this mine has to process 6.4 times the ore as NEVDF. 32000 TPD vs 5000 TPD. Guess what happens to the OPEX when you move that much more ore to get the same amount of copper? IRR PLM 10.2% IRR NEVDF 28% Permits: NEVDF - all permits including expansion are in place. PLM - Minor air source and water permits almost through courts Construction: NEVDF - New equipment in final commissioning stage currently running 2K Tonne per day this month. PLM - financing (945M) not in place until after permit - years away. PLM will have to finance the loan - this may cause the SP to dive to around $1.15. Which mine should you be invested in?? Cheers ttc
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