$AMRN Every Friday banging the drum about scripts, & its not being heard by those who need to listen, which is Wall Street. In the past 6 years script #'s have NEVER affected the PPS. No matter what they are, or if the numbers were ATH's, they have NEVER affected the PPS. Wonder why? Its because for the Street this is all about a BO. The uncertainty between BO or GIA has weighed heavily on the PPS & why the ADCOM result & the label had no lasting effect on the PPS. The Street has clearly signaled it wants a BO, a GIA path is filled with minefields. The recent kneecap of the PPS is over the other headwind which is the generic suit. It is a major binary event that if unfavorable will have major damaging effect on the PPS. Do not fool yourself that the case is a slam dunk. Assuming we win the generic case the PPS will move a couple of points & once again fade back waiting on BO vs GIA. If GIA this will fall to mid teens and THEN need scripts to slowly climb back to 20's.
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