$DAL have been holding this since spring time 2021 because I traditionally played more ‘risky’ biotech stocks. Thinking this would be a conservative, blue chip, non volatile, low downside, recovery play. Holy shit was I wrong the opportunity cost has been killer and I’m down immensely. Several times it hit my average price 44.88, even when I bought it immediately went to $49. Every time I’ve been at profit I wait for another $1-2 for exit and every time it drops. Doubled up this week, so much lower average and on margin. If this doesn’t bounce harder off 39.30 into close I’m shitting my pants this could fall further. I feel this has one of the strongest correlations to née covid cases per day than any other stock, regardless of logic. Every run seems to be when covid seems to be finally falling for good, and then drops at every return wave. I’m terrified we won’t get another run to 45 with current covid trends despite TSA numbers.