$NAKD two things I haven’t seen discussed once in 2021. For all the mentions of RS, extension, delisting and potential OTC, nobody seems to hardly want to discuss actual details. They just say oh it could happen, I’m not wrong, don’t lie to yourself. Okay, I’ll go look. Last RS was December 20,2019 for 100-1. (Every 100 shares became 1.) From my understanding, only allowed 250-1 in any 2 years. Seems to me the max JDR could do is 2.5-1, unless their some stipulation that allows him work around. Additionally, I read that if companies have compliance issue related to bid price and there is M&A in works, then they are eligible for an extension until next scheduled shareholders meeting to vote approval. It’s my opinion that oct 25 could come and go with not one word being issued. Feel like 🦔 know this and that’s their exit strategy. Think they feel like they can let it pop to buck and beat it back down to nickels while the quiet period is worked and they know company won’t say anything.
@Bareker234 @Thatothermonkey @Radajada7 Just to entertain the idea of a RS. 1st Point: In a reverse split, a company cancels all of its outstanding stock and distributes new shares to its stockholders. I wonder what that would do to any synthetic stocks? 2nd Point: Which scenario best describes NAKD? I see opportunity.
@stockman59 @Bareker234 @Radajada7 I can say from experience that MM has no problems selling past float and racking up FTDs on any RS. Had another ticker I tracked that had more ftd’s than shares but the longs panicked before the ftd data was issued and had already taken their losses. By that point, battle was over because all the shorts were let off hook. Then shorts just established new positions and scared any new investors by telling them any future growth was already priced in and it was a scam and you know the rest. 😆 I don’t see any of that happening here, but always open to other’s opinions. They could rack up bunch more, but I can’t see our longs folding.