$AIM Ot has been a while since I posted. But consider this read On current events since March. After the impasse with Roswell, I thought the Hiring of Dickey IV was to facilitate the sale of AIM. Now I believe that he was hired to find a company to merge with AIM, and as a condition TOM and the other two Board members get to keep their Jobs. That was most likely the Impasse with Roswell. They did not want TOM and the AIM big wigs. They wanted Ampligen so that they could actually make progress in getting it to market. But the Vultures are lurking, wanting two members that are share price activists on be one the Board. So Tom is now pressured on two different fronts to actually make progress getting Ampligen to market. But Tom does not just want the percentage of acquisition price, he wants an important role in the new company. . . . And my guess is, no company wants him, just Ampligen. Again , this is my guess