$FCEL Happy Thanksgiving to all. Remember to vote a straight NO across the board. Voting for R/S and dilution equates to giving the company the license to reduce your ownership drastically. R/S reduces your total shares to a minuscule amount and adding 450 million new shares reduces your ownership to a minuscule amount. Understand what you are getting into before you commit yourself. Don't give up the rights to your valuable property in a sought-after industry. R/S and dilution hurt current common shareholders while being enormously beneficial to the other stakeholders. Don't throw away your beautiful piece of the $FCEL pie and settle for less. If you have votes YES already, you have the ability to go back and change it to NO before December 13. Do the right thing for you and your loved ones. May we the current common shareholders do well and prosper and not be pressured into relinquishing our ownership. God bless you all. Wish you a great Christmas season and a wonderful 2020
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