$ATOS F U QUAY! ATOS NEW RAP THEM SONG THE QUAY WAY! Well you bought a bio & thought it was great🎼 But you should have sold it when it went to eight🎼 There’s a stock named ATOS & it sunk like a ship🎼 Now all the bulls tell you to buy the damn dip🎼 They sit & wait for it to go sky high🎼 But what I’m telling you now ain’t no lie🎼 There’s a doctor named Quay who wants more shares🎼 And everyones asking if he really cares🎼 He dilutes your stock & cashes his check🎼 While your brokerage account just looks like a wreck🎼 Down & down ATOS goes🎼 When it will stop no one knows🎼 So you sit and hold and pray for some news🎼 But soon it will drop into the twos🎼 Better buy low & then sell high🎼 Cause a man named Quay ain’t my guy🎼 He rants and raves about Covid all day🎼 But what we really need is a better way🎼 So the moral of the story is never trust a quack🎼 Cause a guy like that don’t have your back🎼 You may not like what I have to say🎼 But in ATOS stock this is the Quay Way🎼