$OCGN We all know this MRNA is a human experiment. God only knows on what! POP CONTROL? A “so called” vaccine that.. 1. Doesn’t prevent you from getting the man made Covid 2. Doesn’t prevent you from spreading Covid 3. Doesn’t guarantee you won’t be hospitalized 4. They have to offer you money & gifts to take for free 5. Has over 14,000 deaths reported on VAERS 6. Has hundreds of thousands of side effects reported with some permanent and severe for life 7. Is mandated in some states or you lose your job with no unemployment eligibility 8. Is mandated in some states or you can go to a gym, restaurant, or concert/hockey/basketball game etc. This is not a vaccine! Vaccines prevent you from getting a disease. Remember the mumps, measles, rubella vaccines! Ever hear of people getting those months after getting those vaccines? SAY NO TO THOSE VACCINES & LET THEM FIRE YOU & CLOSE THE RESTAURANTS & GYMS SO WE CAN REVOLT! SHOW ME YOUR VAX = SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS! NAZI’S ARE ALIVE & WELL!