$TWTR $FB WAKE-UP CALL TO ALL REPUBLICAN’S!!! For those of us so called “Loser’s” not happy with the censorship why play with fire in these two stocks? Let’s make ourselves millionaires off of their actions! Let the “holier then thou” keep their money in it. In turn, sell your investment and relocate it into psychedelics! This will be HUGE over the next four years with them at the helm! Allow these so called “better then the rest” to keep their money in FaceBook & Twitter. Let them have it! Those of us they title as “dumber then the rest” is fine with me. I kind of like that title! Let’s give them exactly what they want! What they don’t know is in the end us “DEPLORABLE’S” will be wealthier the the rest. Make smart moves!!!!! Here’s a list in case you want to do some DD today! $MMED $MINE $LKYSF psychedelicinvest.com/index/
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