$FCEL sorry for letting the pumper idiots get me fired up. As a long-term investor long on FCEL, their manipulation and pumping only hurts the stock and keeps it from achieving sustainable increases. Would love to see this evolve from the pump and dump that it is to an actual investable security. I post the facts, even when they go against my long term believe in this company, because facts destroy the pumper narrative and eventually they will move on to try scamming another stock once they realize that can’t trick people here anymore. So I will restate the facts: 10-K is going to expose the fundamental value of this company and it’s not going to be pretty. Increasing losses, book value well under $1 and trading a 6-8x sales. Add that to the 1300% dilution since the last RS plus the vulture investor and it’s an ugly situation for shareholders. Always $ to be made short term but if you aren’t honest about the big picture, you are taking on risk inappropriately and needlessly.
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