$LINK.X $BTC.X No one can predict what will happen with much accuracy, charts are much less accurate than typical market patterns. With the exception of the companies themselves and massive funds, they can predict major sell offs, because they initiate them. Buying low never is a bad idea, buying on a run is always a bad idea. When things are up 400% skim a little off the top and take a vaca/pay off some debt, it will most likely cut in half or worse so at least you can feel a little satisfaction for taking your vaca. Everything follows ₿ so why not just buy ₿? It’s pricey and doesn’t make as drastic moves, but for the conservatives it’s like the mutual fund of crypto, or get an actual fund with ₿ in it. The real mvp’s are the swing traders now because one thing you DEF know is it will swing every day, they also f everything up, shorters are the worst. However if you don’t have the time or don’t know what your doing don’t try and be a swinger. Make me rich. Tales from the crypto-
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