$VXRT let’s not get discouraged, we have a whole month of January for them to release the data. As we have seen before the previous PRs about positive results they updated their website a couple days ago. The PRs are coming as is the data which based on preliminarily data and preclinical studies is expected to be positive and could even boast a 100% efficacy or close to it. Until then it would be wise to get your average as low as possible by buying the dips which come every morning at some point. Or if your green like me, I like to sell very small amounts of shares when the price spikes and put the profit back into the dips. No I don’t really swing trade this stock and don’t consider this to be swing trading. And when I say small amount I’m talking under 1% of my investment in Vaxart. Charts and catalysts are both extremely bullish and as we all know when this happens, extreme positive stock moves are incoming.
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