$CLSK today was a good day for the bulls for sure. This ticker usually covers all gaps within a day so it was overdue to cover the gap at 6.42 that happened on Monday. We have a gap to fill lower and it factored into my decision to sell this afternoon. The gap will cover at some point so may as well swing that if I see the right setup. One thing I do hate about this ticker is there is a dead zone in trading over the weekend and you are completely helpless during the movement. One advantage every trader has is when they enter and exit a trade so my swings are going to be limited to weekday trades here from now on. I will gladly buy higher on a higher low of a day and swing that baby up with everyone but right now my cash position is by far the majority of my account and I plan on playing the larger markets during this volatility both bull and bear for as long as these 10% swings happen on a daily basis. GLTA!