$IDEX to all the panic sellers, do not ever call yourself investors, you are gamblers and will find yourself losing a lot of money in the stock market. The hindenburg hit piece is a crock of shit designed at spooking naive Robinhooders into selling their shares cheaply, ya really think everyday stocks are gonna rocket? Do you notice shorters like hindenburg and citron just target a couple of stocks every other week that are getting the most volume and attention from Robin Hood users? I have seen it numerous times I.e $CODX $GNUS $IDEX & $INO 4 times! Didn't work for $INO yesterday as there is smart money there now. If you bother to listen to the CEO'S interview yesterday you will understand the growth potential of this company is enormous, big things coming in 2021, 2022, but you cant wait that long can you? that's why you are not investors. Go chase some other stock that's being pumped on here and already been ran up, baghold then sell and repeat. Pathetic
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