@TheHappyFlapjack @Mdenny lol yeah. Fuck the group that cares about Americans more then just the white folks. If I was a conservative, I too would be spewing shit and letting people know that I don't care about anyone else except me, myself, and I. Fuck everyone else that isn't me. The true conservative way. Murica.
@vwon55 @TheHappyFlapjack @Mdenny you two are the epitome of Orange Man Bad Syndrome twisting words and thinking that anyone who votes for Trump is an evil Russian communist who is also a white Supremacist that wants a 1920s Germany reincarnate. You do realize he won the election, which liberals can't seem to accept still. Dems have tried literally anything and everything to impeach him and deligitimize his presidency. Funny that you two are too blind to see a vast amount of NORMAL FUCKING PEOPLE vote for him. But you know he's a racist for doing more for the African American community than any other president since Abe Lincoln. And it's funny he wasn't racist until the liberal narrative was pushed after he came into office. But i forgot you liberals don't like to deal with facts 😪 more anti American losers that constantly complain but will never move because we are indeed the greatest country. TRUMP2020 or move to Canada