$TRCH Take a look here ⬇️ 👀 markets.ft.com/data/equitie... Malicious MMs listed Torchlight on the Frankfurt exchange so that the shorts could hide naked shares out of the view of the Nasdaq and YOU. The company most likely never asked to be listed in a foreign country, this is a MM trick. This is where all the manipulation stems from. Do you ever wonder why a block buy of 10,000 shares plus never seems to REALLY move the SP? It’s because you have 12 or so MMs (and others) keeping the lid on. Illegal, illegal, illegal - yet the shorts are so quick to attempt to accuse Torchlight of being a fraud. Pot calling the kettle BLACK!! Go long. Hold your cards and make them get on their knees on judgement day. 🤥
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@TheHoneyBadger Company not making any money, they were not able to pay salaries. You need to understand these factors. with zero income and big expenses nothing move upside. This will reverse split and eventually de-list or BK.
@investor_2020 Wrong on all accounts. You paid bashers have been touting the same lines for YEARS now and all that has effectively happened is that the company has now proven multiple times the volume of oil as what they originally thought were there. I understand exactly everything there is to understand. YOU need to understand you’re going to (you already do) look like a bozo when this is all said and done. Kinda like this guy really... ⬇️