$FSR I see a lot of complaints about the new EV tax credit language, but is anyone talking how this will be great for the PEAR? Assuming it fully qualifies (not sure about battery requirements) eliminating the cap on number of vehicles is huge for a low cost and high mass market vehicle like the PEAR if they truly plan to manufacture 250k per year and upwards of a million…maintaining the tax credit is a huge benefit. Now onto the Ocean, it downright stinks….but the way I read it they can likely offer purchase contracts thur 2023 deliveries for all current reservation holders to still qualify to take the current credit on your 23 taxes. After that it gets dicey. Final language could change or open up another loophole, but this gives them some time to decide do they forget about the EV credit for the Ocean or move production or just final assembly to the US. The battery requirements will be something to work out as well, but they at least have some options.