$ATHX Just a FYI under 2.83 2.82 we will fall hard but I am still with a bullish bias but wanted to give that heads up for everyone to keep powder dry just incase. I see mid 3s before this bearish scenario though but I am not in charge of price.
@WeeklyTrade Having followed this stock for a long while, here’s the reality: With ARDS, stroke, etc., $ATHX is safe for a long while above 2.75 (yes.. it will fluctuate, but always rebound... even if SeekingAlpha goes after us.. again.. with false information). Conservatively, *IMO*, I have confidence we see 4+ within two months, and 8+ by EOY. Until news, we are a day trader’s dream. (Me? I will not risk something imminent for pennies 🤷🏻‍♂️). And yes. I know. The stock should already be there... but Gil/Karen seem to mix up their Ambien with their Adderall regularly.