$CIIC This is what everyone thought $WKHS was gonna be. The 10,000 UPS orders says it all. This has a primary focus on low cost vans and busses. Honestly I see this just wiping out $HCAC ... This is a 5.4 billion $ startup meaning double $FSR valuation (which is at $17 right now ehem..) this is bigger than $HYLN 1.1 billion $ (which hit 50 pre merger). To say it in a better way... this is a BEAST!
@TheLionOfLaJolla don’t count out $HCAC first fsr 10 to 17 ciic 10 to 17 I bet hcac is next in the next coming weeks. I don’t think people really realize how big the ev market will be past 2025 Biden ain’t playing around he’ll fund em all and enough business partnerships to go around. Hcac has a good deal with Hyundai and they have a unique product. Who else subscribes cars on the road? That is what the market is about finding something that stands alone