$AIM This is 100% my speculation...So DVAX has 4 partnerships testing their TLR9 as a vaccine adjuvant. So WHY hasnt AIM gone after addtl partners beyond Shionogi? My theory/speculation is that Shionogi would want the worldwide exclusive rights and thus it wouldnt make sense to have multiple global partnerships because they would need to terminate all those projects once executing a deal with Shionogi. I also dont believe AIM would have 8k the AMED advertisement the other day if they were concerned Shionogi wasnt going to happen. Again they issued the 8k 2 weeks after the AMED ad was org posted. Also check out the Shionogi/Ping presentation posted on Shionogi ir site earlier today. IT DOES NOT mention Ampligen but you can see the global direction Shionogi is heading and their infectious disease focus. A deal like this cld also explain why taking so long. These take time to negotiate and lawyers to sign off. Lots of moving parts. Licensing, Supply & QC agreements all need to get done
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