$ETC.X to keep from appearing like a pumper I want to explain my rational mainly for people new to technical analysis. Right now there is a text book bull flag on the 1 month chart. This means that the odds are in favor for a large move to the upside when this consolidation does finally break. With that said I also recognize that ETC has currently made at least double the gains for the month compared to other major cryptos. This means there is a good chance the bull flag extends for a while longer while the other cryptos catch up OR that it does break support around 11.30ish and falls to a lower price until things even out across the board. My strategy is to load this current level. If it does in-fact break the bull flag (no longer produces higher lows or breaks the $11 range) I will sell and wait for a new support level to form. If support is there it’s best to hold. If it breaks sell quick to reduce losses and buy back at the next support.
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