$FOMX Post Merger Share Price = ~ $3.50??? Current estimated combined market cap: ~380 Million Lets factor in a huge synergy boost for merger and give them a crazy 50 million additional value. 380 Million + 50 Million = 430 million new value The problem is that everyone thinks there are going to be 60 Million shares post merger….but in fact they are issuing 120 million shares! 430 million / 120 million new shares = $3.58 / share. For the share price to be 5.00 post merger, you would have to figure a market cap of 600 Million (5 / per share x 120 million shares). Where are they going to just get 200 Million in new value??? Not going to happen. And if you are in FOMX, then you are only getting .5924 shares per existing. This is a big dilution no matter how you spin it.
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