$SPY $SPX Trump is reconsidering going back to business as usual in a couple weeks. If he does that then millions more will die than the already 2 million predicted. Printing money and bailing out companies won’t stop the virus from spreading. He is choosing the economy over lives. He forgot that you can’t have an economy without the people. In 2 weeks time though I’m sure even if he wants to, no one will let him reopen everything. Instead they will have to shutdown the entire nation to stop the spread of the virus. Doesn’t matter if the FED can print money. Those checks they will send out will likely be hard to get for those in need. I mean you had to basically win an olympic race just to qualify to get tested 2 weeks ago. 401Ks and other stock assets will be liquidated for cash. No businesses making money and the world is completely shutdown. The stock market will crash worse than 2008. Trump knows it and thats why he desperately wants to reopen the economy at the cost of more deaths
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