$OCGN Part 6 The timeline for Ocugen is (just my 2 cents) $10 to $30 -> In 1 to 6 months Most Probably -> As soon as Emergency Use Approval $30 to $50 -> just natural euphoria after EUA $50 to $100 -> sometime towards end 2021 or early 2022 after FDA approval HOWEVER This is not a stock you should buy and sell frequently. Because when EUA hits it could just spike There is a LOT of liquidity. All the printing press money, all the money people made from crypto, etc is looking for ANYWHERE that will give a return ******************* Right now biggest bear argument is - It's an Indian Vaccine so it sucks and will never get approval. If/When EUA happens a lot of people will start taking it very seriously so a jump to $30 is almost certain and even a hysteria and rise to $100 is possible So this is a Buy it and Forget it for 1 to 2 years type of stock For same reason, avoid calls unless 5 to 6 months out. Ideally one year not investment advice