$PLUG I obviously love this company @Dusty10 but as of rn, chart wise, I think it’s a bit overextended, that doesn’t mean it can’t continue a move up short term but it’s recently had some vertical moves into higher gaps and if u notice every time the RSI enters the overbought zone, a pullback soon follows, altho today if it closes above or around the $69 area that’d be a dragonfly doji which is a bullish signal on a move up, this one is hard to gauge tho cuz the renewable energy sector has been on crack lately so many stocks like this have been continuing on overextended runs, in my opinion if ur looking to add, u can probably get a better entry if your patient, obviously any stock with an RSI of 90 on the daily poses a ton of risk, a close above $69 today is very bullish tho
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