SpoOokY ALERT Tracking Tool with Dynamic $MNKD 02/14/20 Pre-Market and Opening Bell Developing ALPHA Gain Trade Action ALERT Outlook is a function of 02/13/20 Last Coherent State. Likely Candle Stick Crest/Trough Amplitude Oscillation Range Between: C1 @ 1.54, and T1 @ 1.26 Buy, Add, Cover, If LOW > 1.39 Current LOW @ 1.43 Profit Take, Sell, Short, If HIGH < 1.46 Current HIGH @ 1.50 Note: sWAV SpoOokY DOES NOT FORECAST STOCK PRICE, OFFER BUY/SELL ADVICE, and DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY STOCK for TRADE or INVESTMENTS. SpoOoky is FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. May All Your Trades and Investments Prosper After Opening Bell.