$WKHS 06/26/20 Pre-Market and Opening Outlook with State Transition Matrix Array at Last Measurement Close and After Hours UpDate Incident Beam Pure State @ 8.96 7:15PM on 06/25/20 KILL BOX High Probability Trade Action Target Outlook, and Crest/Trough Candle Stick Amplitudes: (x) Barrier Wall Tunnel @ > 9.59 (a) Barrier Wall Tunnel @ > 9.29 ---------------------------------------------------- (b) Barrier Wall Tunnel @ < 8.89 (y) Barrier Wall Tunnel @ < 8.60 Please Note sWAV SpoOokY: DOES NOT FORECAST STOCK PRICE. DOES NOT OFFER BUY/SELL ADVICE. DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY STOCK for TRADE. DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY STOCK for INVESTMENT. sWAV SpoOoky is FOR EDUCATION/ENTERTAINMENT ONLY.
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