$WKHS SpoOokY 07/28/20 SharpCharts 27Day LookBack Data a Function of Close Ground State: @ 15.72 With 6Day Exponential Moving Average +Region3 Decay Phase Barrier Wall (a, a', a") @ 16.04 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- +Region1 Excite Phase Barrier Wall (b, b', b") @ 14.60 *(Note: Region3 and Region1 Targets are NOT a Forecast.) Please Note sWAV SpoOokY: DOES NOT FORECAST STOCK PRICE. DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY STOCK FOR TRADE. DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY STOCK FOR INVESTMENT. DOES NOT OFFER BUY, HOLD, SELL ADVICE. sWAV SpoOokY is for EDUCATION/ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. Due Diligence is Always and HIGHLY Recommended
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