$CVM 10/13/20 - CandleStick KillBox OutLook and (+/-) High Frequency Sentiment Amplitude, with Actualized Quantum Field High Frequency Fluctuation Mixed States. Pure State: @ 14.85 - After Hours 10/12/20 at 7:59PM OutLook: 1. KillBox P(a) =/< 42.47% Short Term Odds: *DECAY ALERT Barrier Wall @ 15.70 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. KillBox P(b) =/> 42.47% Short Term Odds: *EXCITE ALERT Barrier Wall @ 13.94 (*Note: Decay/Excite Barrier Walls NOT a Forecast) sWAV SpoOokY: DOES NOT FORECAST STOCK PRICE DOES NOT OFFER BUY/SELL ADVICE DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY STOCK for TRADE DOES NOT RECOMMEND ANY STOCK for INVESTMENT FOR EDUCATION/ENTERTAINMENT
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@Moneymaker1969 I sincerely appreciate your kind reply and thoughts. SpoOokY is actually designed to be connected to a TicByTic Data Feed API. I'm currently calculating the wave functions and tracking the price acceleration by hand. But, Believe Me This, once SpoOokY calibrates the Price into the KillBox and establishes the Finite Potential Well Barrier Wall, there is NO BIG Bank or Hedge Fund High Frequency Trading Algorithm that can spook SpoOokY... See, while everyone is watching a succession of Candle Stick plots, SpoOokY, from hard right of the y-axis, is calibrating and tracking the oscillation frequency from inside the developing candle stick...Similar to a Ground Wave... If it every becomes SAAS for subscription, SpoOokY Users will have their own HF Algo, and automatically trade like BB's and HF's... Are you interested in a PLTR WF/OutLook for next Session?
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