$VXX SpoOokY Real-Time Trade Action Opportunity Tracking Tool Current Candlestick Vibration Range Potential: (29.76 / 25.33) Calibration and Interface Opulence UpDate Last Finite Potential Well Measurement at: 27.07 For: 05/09/22 at 4:00AM EST Pre-Market Developing Ad Interim Trade Action Opportunity Potentials: Short-Term = BUY Long Term = SELL sWAV SpoOokY: DOES NOT!!! FORECAST STOCK PRICE, OFFER BUY/SELL ADVICE, or RECOMMEND ANY STOCK for TRADE or INVESTMENT. SpoOokY is for: EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT ONLY
$VXX 05/09/22 SpoOokY 1Y SharpCharts LookBack Short-Term Trade Action Potential Assumption: Close @ 27.07 > than ST Mean Reversion Target @ 27.06) Therefore: ST Ad Interim SELL Opportunities Developing