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$SPX SpoOokY Real-Time Trade Action Opportunity Tracking Tool Current Candlestick Vibration Range Potential: (4,160.35 / 3,896.39) Last Finite Potential Well Measurement at: 4,001.05 For: 05/10/22 at 4:00PM EST At Close Developing Ad Interim Trade Action Opportunity Potentials: Short-Term = BUY Long Term = BUY sWAV SpoOokY: DOES NOT!!! FORECAST STOCK PRICE, OFFER BUY/SELL ADVICE, or RECOMMEND ANY STOCK for TRADE or INVESTMENT. SpoOokY is for: EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT ONLY
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@HaramiTide SpoOokY is modeled after Minkowski's SpaceTime Manifold... So technically the ST/LT time frame is "NOW". In other words the inference is anything can happen "Next Session" on the "Hypersurface of the Present", generally within the P(1) and P(2) wave function distribution range...