$FSR Identifying risks and keeping an eye out for warning signs isn't bearish, it's prudent. I'm guilty of accentuating the positive with Fisker but risks do exist. It comes down to probability and impact. I'm going to name a few risks and I hope that others will contribute to a meaningful discussion so that we can help one another. That said, here goes... The Ocean will get in depth reviews by auto journalists in Q1/22. My hope is that these reviews will be stellar. If they're not, Fisker will have to address these quickly and completely before start of production. Some reservation holders may wait for others to purchase the Ocean before taking the plunge (excuse the pun). If too many stay on the sidelines, the production rate may not be optimal and this will decrease profitability. A high reservation # will decrease this risk along with a gradual production ramp in 2023. Geeta indicated there was no need for a cash raise in 21 but 22 is unclear. FoxConn may require more $.