Fair enough...but why is the market spooked, then?
@Dr_Stoxx @maruishirx4 @Frankiemoney1 @dpuro @TheJohnDis @Stocktwits Please refrain from spreading misinformation regarding the effectiveness of vaccines (mRNA) - there is no peer reviewed evidence to suggest you conclusion. In Canada, where 78.63% of the 12+ population has received at least 1 dose show a strong correlation with the decline in infection, hospitalization & mortality rates as quarantine mandates get lifted with vaccination rates. publichealthontario.ca/-/me... Data from the Public Health Agency of Canada found that of the almost 9.9M vaccinated only 0.16% (15,592 individuals including both symptomatic & asymptomatic cases) became infected when they were partially vaccinated & only 0.02% (1,635 individuals) became infected when they were fully vaccinated. The majority (51.7%) of post-vaccination cases were not yet protected from vaccination (symptom onset date was w/ <14 days following dose 1). Vaccines do have a protective effect from infection, hospitalization & death.
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@jonnyboybull @Ro_Patel the number of vaccinations is missing in your chart. You are not using relative data, again. So your chart means NOTHING. See: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nc... You should get some education about data Death rate due to vaccinations in the US, according to CDC: 0.0018% Death rate due to COVID19 in the US, according to worldometer: 0.18% So it is a 100 times more dangerous to get COVID19 than to get vaccinated. Where have you all learned math? I mean this needs no linear algebra or differential equations, it's basic math!
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