🚨 WATCH LIST FOR TOMORROW 4/5/2021 🚨 : $NNOX - Huge news of FDA clearance came in for their NANOX ARC 3D machine. This is a big step towards heading to the future of health care leaving the traditional imaging machines behind. Watch it go $60 - $70 + soon. $TSLA - Massive delivery numbers beating the expectations through the roof + we have SPACEX news coming soon & ER this month. Great dip buying opportunity under $700. EV sector is about to blow up soon. Don't miss the train. $CAN - Bounced right off 50 MA & now hovering around 20 day MA. $BTC.X is about to see all time highs soon. Watch this break $30 again in April. $BIDU - Baidu earns RS rating of 81 for the first time + Signed a U.S $3B agreement of five years revolving facilities agreement with a group of 22 Arrangers. I can see this go over $250 again soon. GOOD LUCK & ALWAYS TRADE SAFE 💎 FOLLOW ME HERE FOR MORE UPDATES & NIGHTLY WATCH LISTS 🚨 thestocktraderhub.com/ 👈🏻 💎