Here's why I think $DIS should strongly consider acquiring $AMC Theatres. Imagine...Rent a theatre for you and your buddies to watch the big game on the box office screen being streamed on Disney's ESPN Network. Monthly throwback viewings of Disney Favorites. With a Disney+ subscription enjoy unlimited viewings of Disney/Pixar new releases at the theatre PLUS exclusive access to stream new releases at home as well. Would love to hear what you think, comment, share, let's open this discussion. What do you think @howardlindzon? $SPY $AMZN
@TheSuperTrader @howardlindzon Netflix , Amazon Prime and HBO Max have all proven that there is more money to be made streaming to the home than producing for the Theater. It's not even that profitable for the theater ops who make most of their money on Ancillaries.. AMC needs to create content , and if anyone wants the theaters they can wait a year and buy them for 20 cents on the dollar or build their own
@RedfordWilling @howardlindzon Not true. I suggest you research how profitable a tiered release to box office then stream access is. This is why Hollywood has delayed releasing because it is radically less profitable to just release online. The theatre play for $DIS would be multi-fascited. As the largest movie producer, they benefit from owning the big screen. They also now benefit from other Hollywood screenings. It is a built in benefit to their Disney+ subscription. MoviePass tried to do the unlimited movie access but they didn't have the infrastructure to make it work, kind of like MySpace before Facebook. Disney would significantly expand it's Disney+ subscription by giving tiered options that include unlimited or tiered access to theatre viewings.