$VFF The reason the volume in all pot stocks was MASSIVE today was because Cuomo is going to legalize so they can get tax revenues. All states will follow very quickly after losing so much rev taxes from covid. Covid was the greatest gift to weed stocks in history. The volume was MASSIVE for a reason. If you're short you are going to get ROASTED next trading session. This is real, not fake. Doesn't even matter what their financials are just like in the stock market with the FED pump.. Once the word gets out that states are moving to go legal to gain lost revenue from covid these ALL are going to literally EXPLODE!!! To new all time highs in a VERY short time. Being short these NOW is not smart
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@jozag I’ve been hedging with cannabis for a while, maybe a little to early but yes this Rona killed tons of jobs. I saw this most evident with the weekly job reports. Sky is the limit!