@BBNihart My comments were meant to push you to improve, not to put you down. Sorry if it came off a different way. I'm a basketball coach on the side and this part of me comes out sometimes haha Bear markets come in all shapes and sizes. If 2018 didn't count as a bear market, then neither did the 3 bear markets we had in the 1980's, which were all around 20% & only lasted a few months each. So if you don't count those, then you wouldn't have had any bear markets from 1982-2000.... 18 years without a bear market. Making that period put this current period to shame. So rather than arguing over what constitutes a bear market, I like to just keep it simple with the % decline. There was a 20% decline in both 2011 and 2018. We've only had two consecutive 20% declines within 3 years of each other once, that was in the 80's. Aside from the 1980's, there has never been two 20% declines within 5 years of each other. So the odds of seeing a bear market before 2021 are slim to none.
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