$OCGN So, thinking out loud here. Why would Bharat be building out their facilities to produce even more Covaxin if they knew the efficacy rates were going to be crap. If they knew these rates would be below industry standard then why inject millions into this. They are a business at the end of the day and profit is the number one reason why they do what they do (along with making a difference in humanity). So when the CEO of Bharat is ramping up production, they know this vaccine will be included as a gold standard for Covid vaccines globally. Countries saying they want to wait for efficacy rates on P3 is a valid argument. I wouldn’t want to expose my citizens to have something that hasn’t been put through the proper scientific work/testing required. However, once the efficacy rates are released, OCGN will have direct communication with the FDA on getting this to the US market. My hope is Canada and Mexico get included as part of OCGN’s mandate for distribution. 🤞🏽