$FAMI FYI this guy is a bear disguised as a bull, he's upset he bought in the .80's right before the p.o @.30 & now he's bagholding in the .60's supposedly. He's never shared a screenshot, just alot of talk. His posts are mainly negative & now he's back peddling on his earlier statement that I called him out on. Read his earlier post. @Dirigodave207 You made an earlier statement: "They will be announcing the 1:10 reverse split, and everyone knows it." Why would they do that now when they have until Nov 30th or May 2022 with extension to meet the min bid requirement? Explain that to us all Einstein...
$FAMI there’s no pump because they will be announcing the 1:10 reverse split. Everyone knows it. That’s why there’s no run up to ER.
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