$AYRO - $8.35. Prev close: $4.24. Float~9.73 of 24.2M. AVOL 1.71M. VOL 52M up 34% at 8:39 AM. MCap: $90M. Sales: $0.84M (MCap/sales 100X). Income: ($-2.9). Cash: $27.9M (9/30/20). Perf YTD 40%. Short float 12.8%. Catalyst: Electric vehicle trend. Makes small electric transports for campuses. Comment: Announced $584K orders for mobile food trucks and has increased production capacity to 600 units per month. All good news except the stock is overvalued. So today, it’s a float play. So far 51M shares have traded on a 10M float. Wax your hotkeys. ON WATCH.