$VBIV A lot of pissing and moaning going on today. It's understandable. Y'all still haven't beat Ari, yet. ;) Thanks to everyone on here for not acting like a little b1tch like @Joe502 He honestly needs to have his man card revoked. I've been all over ST and have never seen a more cowardly and effeminate poster than joe. (No offense to the ladies here but there's just some things a man should never do) You may need to open a private window to see this. Joe tends to block people and then talk sh1t about them... Grade A gurl move. Maybe it's because she sold and cried. stocktwits.com/Joe502/messa... Maybe it's because she lies to herself to make her feel better. stocktwits.com/Pollie08104/... Maybe it's because she talked sh1t and got hit.... stocktwits.com/Joe502/messa... then goes back and lies some more... stocktwits.com/The_UpTick/m...
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@Joe502 Here's to those that have a spine and didn't get offended by a virtual Frisbee thrown at you. Here's to those who give it back in equal amounts. Hell, here's to @STgoldengoose for at least being able to stand up for himself, at times, weakly, in short sentences... ;) But, @Joe502 ??? Fvck her. If you see her creeping around and sh1t posting in nearly every new posters thread, throw a Frisbee at the b1tch. ;)
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