$AMC To add to this post, I also wonder if these ladder attacks by hedge funds are less about forcing panic sales at this stage but rather more about buying time/stalling, because without doing this, the price would skyrocket and they'd quickly find themselves in a margin call that would ruin them because they'd be in default. So they're likely well aware that they're making things worse on themselves by stalling and selling us these synthetic shares, which is why the DTCC is having to get involved - because by the hedge funds making matters worse due to their need to stall, all it is doing is running up the DTCC's eventual bill since there is no way The Citadel and company will have anywhere close to enough money to cover the fallout from this series of errors by them. They won't be able to afford to pay us for our shares, not by a longshot, which means this is going to fall on the DTCC to cover, hence why all these policies are getting rushed through to expedite the process.
$AMC Obviously it takes two to tango, and in order to short sale naked shares, you have to have buyers, right? With that in mind, it is becoming quite apparent that not only are these guys using synthetic, naked shares to short the stock down, but making matters worse for them is that retail is not only not selling what they already own out of panic from these ladder attacks, but they're also buying said synthetic shares up in large quantities, which is why this thing is so combustible and may make GME look like child's play when all is said and done. It keeps being said that retail owns 90% of the float, but I think due to all the synthetic shares we keep buying, we likely own well over 100% of the float, putting even more pressure on the already high short interest. That's why the FUD deployment measures on AMC have been so much greater than GME's - daily media hit pieces, fake message board bears, ladder attack coordination, etc. This isn't our fathers' basic short squeeze event.
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