$AMC Price does not matter. It could go to $4 at this stage and I would not care. As I have said many times, all this is doing is buying time for us all to buy more shares at an extreme discount until the DTCC commences the process of the forced margin call they're clearly working on via these expedited policy changes. When there are this many shares in the hands of retail, along with all the synthetic shares put in the hands of retail while they stall, as well as the absurd number of naked shorts and FTDs there are, the price right now is simply a non-factor. There has never been a more no-brainer stock to be in IMO. At this stage, unless you're extremely impatient or simply don't like money, you're making an error by not having a significant chunk of your portfolio in this, if not all-in. I have never done this before in my entire investment career, but I have been all-in since late February, and have never felt better about the growth potential AND stability of my portfolio.