$AMC Been studying this board for quite some time now, and I have a very analytical and logistical background, along with a firm understanding of relative scale and odds when dealing with large numbers and/or groups of people.... With that in mind, there is not a person in the world that could make me believe that these posts, in their back-to-back-to-back-to-back nature, are not evidence of a coordinated campaign to influence a group of people. No way, no how. Almost literally impossible.
@LuckyBastard777 @The_Wolf_of_Bourbon_St I was going to ask “Why not block the bears?” I don’t need to see their BS, but he just explained it perfectly. It’s because WE won’t even see it anymore but newcomers thinking about joining us will and see no rebuttal to the FUD. Thereby allowing those without a year of reading DD to be turned away through our inaction. In that context his post makes perfect sense.