$BBIG when I put plans together for clients we had a thing called cgst. C was circumstances G was goals S was situation (financially) T was time frame.. If you were retired, our job was to convince you that you don't need to focus on lifestyle creep. We come up with a plan that maintains the status quo and beats inflation. Goal is to to have enough money to keep lifestyle before you die. Paying for special occasions like weddings or providing a down payment on a home are extra.. That said.. the avg age of stocktwits users are 35 yrs or younger. If you are young and I was working in a professional capacity I'd let you swing for the fences on bbig. I'd tell you to continue to contribute every month to an index fund because compounding is awesome. Here's a fact.. if you were born in the 80s.. you need to save 3.5m for retirement. If you were born in 2000 the estimate is 8m. Some money needs to swing for the fence and this is a soft pitch.