$TRVN β-arrestin–biased AT1 agonist TRV027 causes a neonatal-specific, long-acting positive inotropic effect with minimum effect on heart rate, oxygen consumption, reactive oxygen species production, and aldosterone secretion. • Although TRV027 stimulates adrenaline secretion, it does not contribute to the inotropic effect. • TRV027 also increases twitch Ca2+ transients in human iPS cell–derived cardiac myocytes bearing immature phenotype and improves the contractility of the compromised heart of neonatal knock-in mice bearing a mutation causing human congenital dilated cardiomyopathy. • TRV027 and related peptides are also known to cause an antiapoptotic effect on the heart, dilate resistant arteries to reduce afterload, and increase Na+ diuresis to reduce preload. gonna be good, early data says wow
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