$PLUG if you’re new here, don’t let the bears scare you out of PLUG. Most of them are short term traders betting on a temporary pullback, which yes may occur. However, long term bears simply fail to acknowledge the growth aspect of PLUG and this new deal by the SK group...$1.5B is the single largest Hydrogen sector investment to date and it is going to have a compounding effect as it creates credibility around PLUG and their business [model]. It will open the doors to new investors as time progresses. Yes, sales/revenues aren’t quite there yet in comparison to the current market cap, so from that perspective, yes PLUG is overvalued, but having these investments as well as the influx of cash via previous offerings is only going to accelerate the growth. This is definitely a stock to hold long, and your patience will reward you so long as you can withstand the bumpy ride.
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